What I’m Reading

Today is the release of His Rip-Roarin’ Bride by one of my favorite Texas authors–and favorite people–Martha Hix. I can’t wait to start reading!

I resisted reading Jan Karon’s Mitford series for years. I didn’t have room on my bookshelves for another series! But then I got a Kindle and discovered the online library and checked out the recently released first five books. I heartily recommend the Mitford series to everyone! Check them out at

Jan Karon’s Mitford

Other series I keep up with:

Blossom Street books by Debbie Macomber–These books finally encouraged me to take up knitting. The stories center around shops on Blossom Street, starting with A Good Yarn, which is a yarn shop.

Kris Longknife books by Mike Shepherd–If you like futuristic sci-fi, military/naval stories, these are for you.

Vicky Peterwald books by Mike Shepherd–Set in the same universe and time frame as the Kris Longknife books, Vicky Peterwald has her own ways of dealing with life.

Shoe Addict books by Beth Harbison–Beth writes fun books. I enjoy reading all of them.

Stephanie Plum books by Janet Evanovich–These books make me laugh out loud and bite my nails, too.

Recently I’ve read The Martian. We saw the movie, and I was glad to read the book to fill in the details one doesn’t get in a movie.  Another book a movie inspired me to read was Michael Oher’s autobiography I Beat The Odds.  The movie The Blind Side is based on Michael’s life. Again, Oher’s book filled in a lot of the details the movie left out.