I saw an article once about the best way to let people know about you is to show 5 photographs of yourself at different stages of your life.

Janet 1 yearWasn’t I cute?  Beside me is my stuffed cat, which I found recently–in shreds in my mom’s cedar chest. I brought it home and put it in my cedar chest, along with Kitty#2, also loved to shreds. I was told that whenever I picked up the cat, my thumb went into my mouth. I sucked my thumb until I was 6 and got hit in the mouth by a swing, knocking out my front teeth. Although I quit thumbsucking, I still had an overbite that required braces–when I was 30!


Janet & flute

Spring, 1976.  My Junior year of high school. I played flute in the band, as well as with church choirs. In this picture, I was performing my talent for the Junior Miss Pageant. My mother made the dress I was wearing–a “Gunny Sax” style that was all the rage back then. I was quite confident of playing my flute, but not much else at that time!



Janet's bad hair

This picture is to show my “bad hair” years. Most people I’ve tried to explain how bad my hair was at that time simply can’t understand it. I met my future husband with this hair. My friends at college had kidnapped me for my 20th birthday, putting a paper bag over my head so I couldn’t see where they were taking me. When we got to the choir room where the guys were, they took off the bag. My now husband told me his first thought when he saw me was, “Ooh. Put the bag back on her head!” But I must’ve had a good personality.

Janet wedding day


My wedding day, January 1981. I had graduated from Texas State University (Southwest Texas State University back then) in December. An exciting time of change–graduating, getting married, starting my first job as a teacher at the school where I went to first through fifth grade.






Here is a recent picture, pointing out a great philosophy:

Life is short. Eat dessert first.


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