Announcing a New Book!

Rev. Jo Mortimer and I are pleased to announce the release of our new book:

Advent Devo cover ebook with outline

Jo and I worked together on programs for our local chapter of United Methodist Women before deciding to write this book together. It was fun collaborating on this Advent Devotional.

Each reading in Hope, Love, Joy, Peace features Scripture, an essay in response to the Scripture, and a prayer. An outline of a Chrismon is included each day, allowing our readers to respond creatively by embellishing these symbols of Christ.

Hope, Love, Joy, Peace is available at in paperback and Kindle formats. Either click on the link or go to and search for Janet Kaderli.

Watch for our Facebook page Hope, Love, Joy, Peace. It will become active in November. We will post each day of Advent, and look forward to reading your responses. We’re also looking forward to seeing your creativity with the Chrismons.

Looking forward to a blessed Advent season!

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